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Sketch Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Experience Design Affinity Design IconJar

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The worlds most consistent vector flat paper icons organized in 46 relevant categories

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Visually Ballanced Keyline Shapes

Advanced grid system is used to make the core shapes. We use keyline shapes for maintaining a consistent visual proportion of the icons.

Precise pixel positioning makes all icons look perfectly clear and sharp on all screen sizes. All icons are made with 24 pixel grid for consistency.

Keyline Shapes

Keyline Shapes

Desing Approach

Flat paper icon design is inspired by the material of paper. Some icons are cut, folded, and lit as paper would be, but made simple and understandable. The matte-like foil finish higlights and contours the icon and adds some accent to shadows and lights.

Physical Iris Icon Prototype

Physical Paper Prototype

Iris Light Study

Light and Material Study

Iris Website Icons

Final Iris Web Icon

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Symbols In Sketch

All icons come as vector symbol for all sketch users. It's easy and fast to change any preset with them. Save more time on your user experience design process.

Sketch Symbol Layers
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Easy Search With IconJar

Suported, 1 click inport option for IconJar App. Organized in relevant categories and easy to search with up to 8 keywords.

Mac only application.

IconJar App
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One Time Payment

Get full acess to 2000+ Website Icons with a single payment and lifetime update to all upcomming icons.

Matching License Types

Chose your license plan to fit your needs! Special plans for freelancers, small teams. Or get your custom plan for corporate needs.

All File Formats You Need

.ai, .sketch, .eps, .svg, .png and IconJar.

Pixel Perfect Sizes: 24px, 48px, 72px, 96px, 240px

Pixel Perfect for All Screens

All icons in Those Icons set come in pixel perfect format for all sizes. This is to preserv a constantly sharp view in any screen size.

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