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Those Icons is a brand by worldclass icon designers from the city of Oradea in Romania. We creat huge icon sets in varius styles for all uses in the design industry, that we actualy make part of.

Started our work in mid 2016 on Those Icons project, with only a dream and two persons involved, in less then 6 months we put together 6000 icons. In February 2017 we launched our website and the very first product - Those Icons Line & Glyph.

We are about to make some more products and a lot of updates for all of them.

Those Icons
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Alpár - Etele Méder

Ui/Ux, Icon Designer

Alpár AKA Pöcike with his 18 years of experience, well known in design circles, has an extreme passion for icons. The velues he appreciate is precision and quality. He always loved to create awesome graphics.

Icons are the most easiest way to communicate, eaven better then words, like there is no language limitation, this is why I love them. I can spend days to create the perfect one for a theme.

Alpár - Etele Méder

Méder Alpár Etele
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Méder Imola

Imola Méder

Icon Designer

Started her path as a graphic designer 9 years ago, as a freelancer. She works with icons for about 7 years and it fills out the majority of her time.

I really love icons since you can communicate so much in a very small area. Relevant, informative and to the point icons is what we do for you, so you can get the best icons on best price.

Imola Méder