Those Icons is a huge, growing icon set for designers and developers. All of the icons are created with precision on same guide system to make them the most consistent icons ever. Also they have two diferent grid sizes for their base, 24 and 30 pixels.

All Icons come from hand sketches for a unique touch, witch are then drawn in vector format with pixel perfection. You can easily edit the color, line thickness and size of all icons.

It took over 6 months to come out with the first set that contains 6000 icons in 2 styles, line and glyph. We made a great research on icons anatomy that are most effective to communicate.


The Team

We are a couple form Transylvania (Romania). In every day life we spend the most of our time day dreaming together about some visions, that we share. We love bikes, motorcycles and everything that has something to do with the beauty of nature.

Imola Méder

is a professional digital artist with lot of experience in the digital market. She started graphic design at some of the greatest microstock agencies, witch gave her a good understanding on the industries needs.

Her major goal is to make the icon set as precise as it's possible. Also she has the skill to motivate everyone around her.

Alpár - Etele Méder

has a high experience of 12 years in graphic design, mostly in vector graphics. Icon designing came in his life 2 years ago when he started learning all about them. Also his great passion is to create new standards in sens of quality and aesthetics.

His goal is to make the every day life easier to most of other designers, by creating great resources for them. He loves to try out new stuff, and to learn as much as possible about the industry.

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